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HDR10 +, a new generation technology for ultra-high-quality televisions, provides users with a high-quality HDR experience, allowing directors and producers to achieve exactly the original images.Thanks to HDR10 + technology, which helps HDR-enabled TVs optimize the brightness level of the scene, Samsung TVs give the user an enhanced sense of depth and a sense of reality with brighter, brighter and darker colors. The HDR10 + certification program provides the viewer with an enhanced viewing experience, while providing the basis for the industry to develop plans to expand the HDR10 + ecosystem.

Samsung Electronics Vice President for Imaging Systems, said: Esi The introduction of the HDR10 + certification logo symbolizes the infrastructure for the ultra-high-quality TV market.TP Vision, one of Samsung’s prominent HDR10 + partnerships, conducting Philips TV development, production and marketing activities, decided to expand HDR10 + technology to the entire 4K TV series next year (formerly Sigma Designs) and V-Silicon IFA 2018. will show an HDR10 + at its special stand.

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