Antique Apple will be sold at auction

The computers that Apple has produced in the past are still attracting attention due to their antique values. The limited number of computers produced during the first years of the brand has new owners from time to time in auctions. One of them will be held in the USA in the coming days.Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak produced by the 1970s and the ancestor of today’s Apple MacBooks, the first Apple-1 models, are now finding high-priced buyers.Producing 200 Apple-1 pairs in the 1970s, with 60 of them working, they are still reminiscent of the past. These 60 currently running Apple-1 auctions are sold at high prices.One of these auctions will be held in Boston, USA for the Apple-1 model. The auction will be held on September 25, 2018, motherboard, power unit, keyboard and a monitor will be available for sale Apple-1. The price set for this Apple model is 300 thousand dollars. However, the auction price is expected to rise up to $ 400 thousand.

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