Canon will also produce a full-frame mirrorless

The so-called mirrorless cameras offer a compact body and an interchangeable lens. Canon and Nikon, the two most important names in the world to date, produced different models in this field. These models were equipped with APS-C-size sensors, which are commonly used for entry-level and mid-range DSLR cameras.Both Canon and Nikon have never produced a full-frame mirrorless camera. Sony, which is the most important brand in full frame (full size (36×24 mm) sensorless), has not had much competition to date. But recently Nikon announced the full-frame mirrorless Z 6 and Z 7. According to new news, Canon is working on two new full-frame mirrorless models.CanonRumors site, according to the enthusiasts long-awaited Canon brand full-frame sensor cameras will be introduced on September 5. These 28 Megapixel cameras will feature Dual Pixel, body-integrated image stabilization, 10fps burst, 4K 30 fps video recording It is claimed that the price of the model with these features will be $ 1999.It is also claimed that Canon will launch a second full-frame mirror more powerful than this. However, there is no information about its features yet. On the other hand, the Nikon case seems to have a higher resolution and slightly more advanced features.

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